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Live Edge Lumber

We have searched for years for the best quality lumber products both for our builds, and to distribute. In 2021, we found it! Air dried for a year and then kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content or less. All our lumber comes both planed and dressed so it is flat and ready to work with. Although, we can special order rough sawn lumber if you prefer as well. Currently, we offer black walnut, ash, spalted maple, ambrosia maple, sugar maple, cherry, elm, poplar, red oak, white oak and occasionally other species in live edge slabs. Since we have a sliding table saw, it is no problem to cut a straight edge on your slab if you require. Soon, we plan to bring in exotics such as monkey pod, parota, acacia, tigerwood and more. We also occasionally have kiln dried spruce and are working on bringing in kiln dried Canadian Barn wood as well. 

All our in-stock slabs can be seen on our Facebook or Instagram pages in our photo albums categorized by wood species. To order a slab, please see our Facebook and Instagram Linked below and send us a message or email with the slab number you are interested in and your location and we can finalize pricing and discuss pickup or shipping. 

Lumber Prices


Less than 1.5'' or 6/4 thick $14.50/ board foot

1.5'' or 6/4 thick or more $18/ board foot




Species include: White oak, red oak, ash, elm, sugar maple, spalted maple, ambrosia maple, cherry, poplar and more. 

Less than 1.5'' or 6/4 thick: $10/ board foot

1.5'' or 6/4 thick or more: $14/board foot




Mappa burls, Manitoba maple burls, table-top sized slabs, exotics and more. 

Price varies depending on the species and size. 




White hardwoods

Specialty woods

significant discounts for bulk orders!

Want one of our slabs shipped to you? View all our options on our page linked above and send us a message with the slab number you're interested in. We will get you a shipping quote to your location and send you an invoice to pay securely online. 

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